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Longer distance for POIS?

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  • Longer distance for POIS?

    Is it possible to go beyond the 20 or 25 miles for the poi search? I am 120 miles away from a casino, when I clicked custom selected Casino went back and noticed I cant have it locate from a far distance, am I missing something or is it not possible?

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    It's not possible as far as I know. I imagine this is because the number of POIs increases very quickly as the radius increases...and for certain catagories, this would be a big problem in large metro areas. SD seems to already only provide 100 results for a given area, even if more than 100 exist. I know that in Dallas, setting the search radius to 5 miles and selecting restaurant results in far greater than 100 matches.

    However, for some catagories, like "Casinos", this wouldn't be as much of a problem...

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