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Xm Problems/Info W/ TB SRM/Alpine 701

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  • Xm Problems/Info W/ TB SRM/Alpine 701

    I have had a heck of a time getting my XM Radio to work right with my Turtle Beach SRM USB card. I am using the Optical output on the card to a alpine 701 EQ and when you do this the line in does not monitor over the spdif.

    So I tried to find a XM Direct Optical MOD thinking the SPDIF in would pass through the SPDIF Out. After doing some more reading it seems that this option is also not possible for the soundcard, along with the fact that getting a XM optical MOD is almost impossible.

    However I did find some software called Virtual Audio Cable which looks like it might pass through the analog line in to the optical out or the optical in to the optical out. I am going to try it tonight and I will let you know how it works.

    I figured I would post this up seeing how I have seen many post on this issue with no resolution. Alot of people are just manually switching the inputs on the Alpine 701 EQ for a solution.

    Also if anyone has a XM optical mod laying around let me know!


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    Ok so I tried it out and it doesnt work with streetdeck. Streetdeck cant pick the virtual cable as a XM soundcard for some reason so I cant get it to mute the XM.

    Any suggestions?


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      If the audio stream does not have a channel in the Windows Playback mixer, it won't work correctly in Streetdeck. Streetdeck will only see the channels in Windows Mixer and give you those as a choice to mute/unmute.

      It really surprises me that the Turtle Beach is "the supported" USB soundcard for SD because so little of that card can be controlled through Windows Mixer, as opposed to the software that comes with it.
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        The virtual audio channel shows up as its own device in the mixer and has its own volume control with mute and unmute. The sound card itself has every normal option of a regular sounds card minus the line in upmixing.

        The virtual audio channel lists Wave, CD In and SW Synth in the mixer.