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  • Nav directions wrong

    Anyone else had this happen? I was going from Franklin, PA 16323 to Philadelphia, PA 15017 and the directions wanted me to go out rt 8 to Barkeyville and hit 80. Then head west on 80. OK not too bad. But then I went to Oil City, PA 16301. It still wanted me to go the same way. It's nearly 45 minutes and 30 miles shorter to go 322 to Shippenville, and then hit 80 there.

    How could the nav be that bad off? Google Maps, Delorme, and Mapquest all say to go 322 which is the way I always go.

    Apparently this is just another Micr$oft blunder as usual.

    Also, there has to be a better to way to show the directions. Like it would be great if it would say head west on blah blah. A lot of times I come to an exit and I am not sure which one I should be taking because it just says take the exit for 79. Yeah which way?

    Ok, I am done complaining. For the most part I really like Streetdeck. I deffinately prefer Delormes routing over the MS stuff.

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    Usually there is a Shortest, Quickest, and Major as a minimum for routing.

    Try playing with those settings in Mappoint.
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      Originally posted by 2k1Toaster View Post
      Usually there is a Shortest, Quickest, and Major as a minimum for routing.

      Try playing with those settings in Mappoint.
      Yeah, I tried them all with the same results. I have been using a carputer for about 2-3 years now. I used a laptop for a while and then had an old touch screen from a hospital. Just recently signed up on the forums. I have use Map Point, Streets and Trips, Delorme Street Atlas, and some various OSX and Linux based solutions.

      So far the best mapping solution I have tried has been Delorme. Although their interface just does not lend itself to use on an 8" touch screen.


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        did you take a look at what the road speed settings are in SD? perhaps they're off.


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          Wow. Delorme has permanently turned me off from their products. I purchased their software for my nav system in the car (I used to love their products).

          A ton of the streets in my area were off (I live in Northern Virginia), including some streets that have been around for over half a decade. One major thoroughfare had "map-gaps" so that the software didn't read it as a street, but as a series of streets. The software kept routing me 10-20 minutes out of the way.

          Called tech support, and ran the usual gamut there. Was told to get the new version.

          Wrote up a detailed letter and sent it to their HQ, with screen shots and everything. No answer, nothing.