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  • problem with the video

    Hi, when I try to see a video for the first time after I had copied the file I click on play and I see the video, after that I stop the video and play music or other, If I return to the video SD ask me if I whant to resume the video or restart, I click one of two and I don't see the video the audio is flashing, why I have this problem??

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    I have the same issue.


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      I have the same issue as well.


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        toc toc, hei admin, how to resolve the problem??


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          Yesterday I tried messing with my streetdeck because I have the intentions of playing more music videos in my car. I have come to realize it's pointless. I don't know if its my setup or what but I can have a music video play fine but once it finishes it locks up, if i stop it and go back and try to reply it I get the audio with a black screen. If i go back and select a different video it locks up.


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            Here's a question.
            There's a forum for bug & issue reporting.
            Why don't you post this in that forum so it can be looked at as a bug or issue?
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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