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Will there ever be SD for Australia???

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  • Will there ever be SD for Australia???

    Hi all,

    As per the title, will SD ever be supported for Australia? I know the only thing stopping its release here is the lack of navigation software but wouldn't it be commonsense for SD to use a Navcor that is compatible for all countries around the world? I mean sales would go through the roof.
    Iguidance and mappoint are hardly orientated for global sales but other software is e.g.

    - Destinator (I know I know)

    - Tomtom 7 would be by far the best solution if the guys at SD could convince them to release a SD only version (I don’t think it would cost that much - but then again I’m no programmer)

    - Garmin also has some great nav software.

    - Co pilot.

    - I’m sure there’s more but the above list is what I know and have tried.

    I for one would be willing to purchase SD in a flash if I new there was an integrated nav solution for Oz. But at the moment Centrafuse is looking more and more likely but I know the potential of my G4 is not fully harnessed with CF.

    It would be great if even a plug in (or digi mod) was released that allowed some of the above nav software to be installed.

    My thoughts only


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    Ill realease a destinator plugin soon.
    been very busy and not sure how i should do it. I have been using it in my car for over a month.


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      That would be fantastic!!!

      Just to get me prepared, what version of destinator should I have, thereís a great guide over at digital car UK ( thatís shows how to install Destinator on your PC. Is this what you followed?
      As I have all the files necessary for the above guide, and its seems to work quite well on my stand alone PC, but I have no clue on how to integrate it with SD.

      I had a play with the DEV. Environment tools last night, and managed to change the 'Navigation' menu to 'Destinator' and also got it to link to 'external apps'; from where I could launch Destinator. Only problem is that it doesnít launch in its own window, and SD minimises. I know thereís a guide around here showing how to embed a window within SD, but I like you donít have much time to experiment as Iím no programmer; I have never looked at VB, C++, Delphi or even the programming tools that come with SD before. So experimentation is the key, but will lose interest very quick as Iím away with work 3 days a week.

      Anyways, waiting patiently for your Digi-Mod, actually, I canít wait!!




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        Did this plugin ever eventuate?


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          It is in testing at the moment. I should get time to walk though the install and make sure everything works this week.


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            OK i ahve released it

            So who's round is it for the beers?