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sd and ipods ? how is this meant to work?

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  • sd and ipods ? how is this meant to work?

    Ok so I am new to SD, I got to the part about using an ipod with it. GREAT I though, I envisioned it not for myself as i have my own music synced to the SD'd hard drive, how ever if a friend comes a long for a ride and has an I pod he can dock his Ipod and we can listen to the music on his device.

    is this the idea of it or am I off base?

    So i read up on the forums since there is nothing in the manual about it and I install Itunes. so my 2nd question is , is there any particular settings I should have set on itunes?

    then i plug in my ipod, well itunes wants to try to wipe my ipod and resnyc it with the copy of itunes on SD, I wisly click no, as I want to be able to use my ipod with tunes on my home computer and certainly a friend would as well. so Q3: how do you get around this issue ?

    next the only stuff i could get up when i went into music and ipod was a couple of test tunes i put on itunes in the car, nothing on the ipod would show up.

    so what am I doing wrong?

    help please

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    Check this post as I think it will answer your questions:
    Via EPIA M1000
    M2-ATX Power Supply
    Win XP Pro SP2
    512 MB RAM
    60GB Hard Drive
    Xenarc 7" Touchscreen
    MP3Car Bluetooth Dongle
    Netgear USB 802.11G WiFi Dongle
    XMPC USB XM Satellite


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      Nope it dosnt answer the main question about itunes trying to erase and sync with an ipod that is plugged into it.