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Street Deck Radio not working

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  • Street Deck Radio not working

    OS: XP sp2 english (all current updates)
    PC: infill G4
    streetdeck v1.1.1.0

    When I click on radio it tells me "no radio hardware can be found"

    All driver in the system are working properly (via device manager). I have already tried and uninstall and re install of streetdeck


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    Ok i have the radio gui comming up now but no sound

    I have tried all config setting and still nothing. While readin another thread about a T3 with similar problem

    they say that the radio plugin should be Radio mouse. But any time I do that SD crashes with "an expecption has occured and SD must close..."

    since the faker plugin doesn't crash sd i have tested all combinations of config setting with that one and nothing.

    For my G4 what settings should I have for the radio to work? Please be specific.
    audio card:
    volume line:

    getting closer.....


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      Well I do have the same issue.
      Currently I think that you have a quite new release of the G4.

      In short, no radio, no tilt, no luminosity.
      This is true not only for with streetdeck. The same apply for Centrafuse G4 plugin an INFILL Station 1.6.6.

      After several claims at my G4 seller, they've contacted MAXAN and a new release of INFILL Station is available (1.6.8). This release works properly.
      From Centrafuse, I've been told that an SDK update has been delivered to them.

      I therefore guess that it is true for Streetdeck too.

      Let's hope that they will be able to provide with an updated release of the G4 radio.


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        Thank you so much !

        i'm going to google the infill station 1.6.8 and get to work.


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          INFILL Station 1.6.8

          Here is the link.

          Just a remark, as this is not a driver update, in no case it will solves your issue. But at least if you are like me, it will let you check that the radio is working as well as luminosity and tilt control.



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            Yes it did but, in your infill station does your navigation not work? I click on the button and it does nothing?

            Also yes infill's radio does work now, thanks to your help, so now I just have to get street deck to be a little more pro-active in their support of their radio and navigation functionality (to get my working)



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              Question for anyone who has an Infill G4 with a working StreetDeck radio. What are the setting you have for the radio in streetdeck to work?

              audio card:
              volume line:


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                Well for the navigation in infill station, I do not now. Basically I have no plan to use it.
                This was just to say that as from now on, at least infill station is working.

                for the navigation, I also had problems at the beginning. I finally used a com port replicator for GPS.
                It is quite strange to me, as no application was able to work with G4 GPS on Com port 1. With an application that creates several com port for GPS like XPORT3, now it works fine on a virtual port.



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                  my streetdeck radio quit working i bought my infill from here with streetdeck preloaded. my radio works with the infill station. ive read every thing i could find and no help. any suggestions would be appreciated. And i could not get my gps to work with infill station but it works with streetdeck.