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Mappoint won (and SD) problem

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  • Mappoint won (and SD) problem

    I just ordered and received a Bu-353 GPS receiver to replace my crappy Delorme Earthmate.

    Installed drivers on fresh install of WinXP, plugged inGPS, and verified that the GPS is installed on a COM port (COM3), and is sending data via GPSInfo app that comes with the unit. COM port settings as specified (4800 baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity). To verify that the GPS is in fact sending usable data, I fire up CoPilot (another Nav program I have), and it finds the GPS automatically and is able to see and use the data.

    Now, here's the problem:

    Fire up Streetdeck...tells me that it can't find the GPS. I go into settings and verify that SD does in fact see the driver on the correct port. However, when I click "save", SD informs me that it can't connect to the GPS.

    So, I then go directly into Mappoint and open the GPS configuration settings. Mappoint lists all available COM ports, EXCEPT COM3, the port the GPS is configured on. So, I go into device manager and change the GPS to be on COM4. Go back into Mappoint, and now Mappoint lists every COM port EXCEPT COM4. Clicking the "scan for GPS" button does nothing.

    What gives? Anyone?

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    Hopped in my car this afternoon, fired up SD, and amazingly, it found the GPS puck. Navigation now works, but I am experiencing the same ~10 second delay in tracking that others have described with the BU-353 on these forums.

    There doesn't seem to be a solution to the delay problem that I can find. Does anyone have any advice? The delay occurs in both SD and CoPilot, so I don't think it is either program, but the GPS or the GPS serial to USB software causing the issue.


    An amateur built the Ark. The Titanic was built by professionals.


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      Update 2:

      The delay made the system practically useless, so I fiddled around with SIRFdemo, and reset the BU-353 to "factory settings", "synchronized the baud rate and protocol", and switched between SIRF and NMEA modes multiple times through the SIRFdemo menu options. Magically, and without any good reason that I can discern, the delay went away. I believe the final baud rate was 4800 on COM3.

      Now that the delay is gone, the BU-353 is performing very well. For right now, it is attached to my rear trunk lid with the built-in magnetic base. It seems to acquire satellites very quickly, and once underway, does not exhibit any of the movement at rest that plagued my Delorme Earthmate USB (the location indicator wiggling around on the map while stopped at a light, etc.).

      An amateur built the Ark. The Titanic was built by professionals.