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    Alright this is bugging the living daylights out of me and I need to know if there is a fix or trick around it. I have looked in the search but found nothing that suited what I was looking for. Here is my issue:

    I am a computer junkie okay, I have 3 or 4 computers each with napster on them. I download and convert my musicto MP3 to listen in the car. I have an external drive (80gb) I use to store all my music on. I take the external with me so I can listen to my music wherever I need to. My problem is, I have to Reindex my whole music collecitons (hours!) anytime I want to add stuff. On my CARPC I have my import path loaded as an onboard path beacuse when I rip CD's they go there then it imports. I would like to be able to stick my external hd in and have it search for new files and add and not have to configure a seperate folder on the HD to have it move it to another folder on the same HD. Searching for a new file ( AKA Watch Folder)seems as if it would take a lot less time than Copying GB's of new music everytime I add music. It seems way too redundant.

    Is there a simple way to tell it to simply search my music folder for new files and add them to the index, rather than reindex the enitire collection, or copy hundreds of files from another folder on the HD.

    Sorry this is jsut peaving me off, and I can't find an eays solution, beacuse number one I don't want to sit for hours while this thing indexes. Why can't it start the index, I go away turn on the computer again, it resumes indexing?AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHRGHHH!

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    do you tell it to clear the index prior to re-indexing? I have about 40GB of music, and use rhapsody..whenever i download a new album, i tell it to reindex, and chose "No" when it asks if it should clear the index first. The process then takes about 3-5 minutes to complete...reasonable for me. FYI - I've never had it result in duplicates in the library/index.

    EDIT - and i also only use one folder for music, no separate import path.