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SD GPS is way off

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  • SD GPS is way off

    I'm running streetdeck with it's navigation capabilities and a pharos GPS usb receiver that comes with streets and trips. It worked great for the first few days. Now when I fire it up it finds my location. If I switch to music or anything else, then come back to navigation it says I'm in Las Vegas. Which is very odd because I'm in the greater Philadelphia area. Although I wouldn't mind Vegas right about now. Anyways I've checked all of the connections and they are fine. I've run the GPS digimod and it's picking up 4 satellites. Plenty. The receiver itself is suction cupped to the rear window of my hatchback, so the placement doesn't seem to be an issue. I've restarted the system to no avail, but no luck. Anyone else have any experience with this?
    My 2007 Scion Tc Install

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    Well I figured it out. Thank you for all of your help. When I adjusted the driving speeds to more accurately reflect the way I drive, it threw the GPS way out of whack shows me as being in Las Vegas. When I reset the speeds to the default it works just fine. I will be reporting this bug as soon as I get a chance to download my logs.
    My 2007 Scion Tc Install