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  • MobileVoice for StreetDeck

    I've been out of the loop for a while, so if this is old news just verbally abuse me and I'll quietly slink away.

    I came across a voice command plugin for StreetDeck called MobileVoice. Based on my limited exposure it reminds me a lot of Microsoft Sync that's installed in the new Fords. The website says that it's "coming soon" so I wasn't sure if it's already in the latest version of SD or not, but a quick search here revealed nothing.

    Will this be something incorporated into the core of SD, or is it a third party plugin?

    My copy of SD sits patiently in a corner . . . a thin layer of dust covering its unactivated carcass. "One of these days" I tell it, "one of these days".

    Anyway, here's the link -
    "It's a blessing . . . and a curse."

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    HOLY $HIT !!! That's so sick!

    If that's working that well in the demo video, why haven't we seen this out yet?! OMG. I TOTALLY want that.
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      must have now!!!
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        Pssssst.... see this post
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