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XM Question & Possible Feature Request

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  • XM Question & Possible Feature Request

    1. Where are the XM icons located in SD. Xm has updated and replaced several stations, and the icons in SD do not coincide, I would like to replace them and possbily put them on here for others if someone can point me in the right direction as to thier locale.

    2. How hard would it be to implement a tag feature for XM so if you hear something you can tag by artist, album or all info? I like the record feature, but it chews up my CPU, and I would rather get a better quality or the whole album at times.


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    Bump any help anyone from SD???

    Well I found the answer to Number 1 (I think) I didn't realize that most of SC features are found in My Documents under SD. I found the images for the XM channels. I will be updating them within the week, however if any modders can answer (OR SD SUPPORT) as to the logistics of how to go about making a tagging feature to replace the record feature on the XM module, it would be appreciated.