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  • XM hook up

    I'm looking to use the xm direct in streetdeck. I have some questions maybe you can square away for me. Right now I'm running 4.1 out of my turtle beach roadie. If I use line in with a aux sound such as xm it only plays from my front channes. Turtle beach told me that I cannot use the line in and output back all channels. So I have been holding off on setting up this xm. This switch you talk about. Is it to fix this issue, or is it to run a line in through a second sound card. From what I'm told, I can use my internal sound card as the line in for the XM and set streetdeck and windows to use the other sound card to route the Line out. Does this make sense?

    Basically what is the best solution for me to set up this xm with my system and SD.

    One more questions, does the xm allow song recording functionality? If so where do the songs store to be located for later playback.


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