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microsoft ttl voice sample bla bla bla !

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  • microsoft ttl voice sample bla bla bla !

    hi if i set this to default speech engine , in the car , if i click on sd to voice clicking on major modules all the comp says is bla bla bla lol whats up?

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    literally "bla bla bla"?

    did you get SD Full or Lite? Only reason I ask is I got lite, then went to (where they have a slew of voices, which you can test before buy) and installed Cepstral Lawrence. A somewhat Natural sounding brit. All I can gather is either the speech package is messed, or the engine is corrupt,...or some sheep got stuck during processing.


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      hi i got the lite verion , as i already had mappoint , and yes it says bla bla bla lol thanks for tip i will have alook


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        "blah blah blah" comes from the "Sample TTS Voice"
        Open the control panel and open the speech control.
        Switch to Mary or Mike or whatever you find there.