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Help with ADS FM radio in SD please!

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  • Help with ADS FM radio in SD please!


    I have tried just about every USBradio.dll file i can get my hands on to get this working in streetdeck. I have an ADS instant FM radio and my sound card is the creative x-mod.

    With each USBradio.dll file i put in the radio plugins folder, i tried different combinations in the radio settings page. I tried both the ADS and Creative devices as the outputs. Then if i didnt select a line out, i would always get a volume contol device error. Also, trying to 'configure' any of these dll's in the streetdeck options caused the program to crash. I could not get any sound at all through streetdeck. The radio works fine with the provided software, but it is not easy to use because of the tiny buttons...

    Anyone who has successfully gotten this or the silabs products working in streetdeck, please chime in on which dll and what settings you are using successfully.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hmmmm It works perfect in centrafuse... looks like a good product. I will be trying this demo they have for a week or two. Maybe i have found a new front end for myself!


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      Does anyone have this working in their streetdeck setup?