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  • wifi sync

    I am unable to get the wifi sync to function.

    When I go into settings and attempt to setup the share, it doesn;t find any computers. I have a share on my home PC, and I am able to navigate to the share from within windows, but Streetdeck doesn't see anything.

    can anyone help?

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    Can you navigate to your home PC outside of streetdeck?
    My old Worklog


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      Yes, I am able to navigate to the PC, I even mapped a drive to it. right now, I decided to change the media paths so I could get something working. I mapped a drive to a folder on my computer then changed the path of the import folder. this way, if i want to get a music file to my machine, i just have to put it in that folder on my home pc, and launch streetdeck when I am in my garage and it will pull the file and move it to my streetdeck library. But i woiuld still like to get the wifi sync going


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        How to connect WiFi Sync in Street Deck.

        Create a new user for your Car PC on home PC using a all lower case password,
        Share the directory where your music or any other drive you would like to share.
        Add the Car PC user to the premissions list giving the user full access.
        Reboot your home PC then reboot the Car PC.
        The shared directories should show up in the WiFi Sync list in SD