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  • Rearview Cam Questions .

    I just installed a web cam as my rear view camera for my car and was wondering a few things . . Firstly, is there a way in streetdeck to mirror the image so its not backwards? second, can streetdeck record webcam video?, when you gesture a circle it says record, not sure if thats it or not. and lastly, sometimes the camera appears in black and white instead of color without changing anything, is that streetdeck's causing or the cameras?

    thanks in advance,


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    Howdy Kevin,

    I don't believe StreetDeck can do mirror image or record. But if your web cam came with software you should be able to mirror the image with the software(that was the case with mine). In my case any setting changes I make in the web cam software are applied in StreetDeck.
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      Alright i'll try that with the software. still trying to figure out the black and white image. maybe the software will fix that too.


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        Alright i can set the image to mirror and fix the color problem with the hp software that came with it, when i launch Streetdeck and go to the rearview everythings fine, until i go back to home or anything else and go back to it, then its reverted to the same non mirror and black and white again. grrrr