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Transferring SD to a new PC

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  • Transferring SD to a new PC

    I know my question has been discussed earlier. I couldnt find it.
    I am about to ditch my first carputer and replacing it with a laptop. More convinent regarding power and so on.
    I have installed SD on the new computer and got a check- and machine code for it. I have used to receive a new code to get it up and running.
    When I gave this a little thinking it could be I dont get any answer in the near future. Who knows when SD-team will be back an track again.
    I know that SD is linked up to the HDD in some manner.
    Does any know if I could just pull the HDD out of my existing carputer and place it in the new and get it to work with the originally code received from SD initially? Both HDD`s are 2.5"
    I have not done so beacause I would like to have system running while setting up the new one.
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    It pulls the serial number from the hard drive so you "should" be able to just move the hard drive from the carpc and pop it into the laptop.
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      I figured it would.
      But I have received the code from streetdeck, so I dont have to.
      Maybe saving the HDD for a later install. I live in Norway so I guess calling to get codes if I where to install a fourth time is quite expensive.
      If I donīt remember it. It never happened