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iPhone now with tethering for mobile access

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  • iPhone now with tethering for mobile access

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to let those of you with iPhones know that there is a new app for the iPhone called NetShare that allows sharing the iPhone's EDGE or 3G connection with a computer via WiFi.

    This is good news, because it should allow those of us with iPhones to have an always-on connection in the car for no additional monthly cost (provided that ATT doesn't find out and bill you for tethering, perhaps). Those with 3G iPhones will have a pretty dang fast connection.

    There are instructions for connecting the iPhone to a Windows box here

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    link doesn't work for me


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        please please get the link back!!!!

        I just read that they pulled the app from the appstore, supposedly they reposted but i can't find it.


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          I got it from the store last night by searching for it. Coupled with a socks5 proxy it works great. It is very fast (for a mobile connection) and easy to set up.
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            this app was pulled again.. which really sucks.. cos I would get a iphone for this
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              Originally posted by strohj View Post
              this app was pulled again.. which really sucks.. cos I would get a iphone for this
              I even emailed nullriver, and got no response. boooooo



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                  I received an email back from nullriver last night, saying that they are still unsure why it was pulled again and will have a better answer on their website. This sux



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                    Man the lack of tethering was the ONLY thing stopping me from buying an iPhone, if app continues to be sold I be picking up an iPhone FO SHO....
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