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Have any of you had this problem?

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  • Have any of you had this problem?

    Hey guys,
    my attendance on here has been spotty, so i'm not completely in the loop with what ultimately happened, but i do understand that SD is not "supported" here officially anymore. anyway, since i don't know where to turn i thought i'd ask you guys to see if anyone has any ideas...

    i was playing an .avi file through the "video" section of streetdeck when i had shut my car off normally. later when i started the car up, the Infill opened normally and started continuing that same file where it left off. no worries there. i go to change the playing file to another file, and when i tap the file the whole system freezes. so i hit "eject" on the screen to lower it, then push the reset button to get it to reboot. go through the boot up process and it opens SD back in that same video file. if i push "stop/pause", then find a music file to play, same thing happens. freeze.

    then i try to reboot again, this time i close streetdeck... but as soon as i push the "home" icon in the top corner, the program crashes and it puts me back in windows with an SD error message. In other words i didn't even select close program, i just clicked "home" and the program crashed.

    Meanwhile the audio & video files play fine if i play them out of windows. so basically SD has decided i'm only going to have that one file to play, or it will crash/hang.

    any help is appreciated. i would love to re-load the software except i don't have the disk. i purchased my Infill G4 from mp3car preloaded, and the place that installed it never put the box back in my car, and when i later went to get it they had already thrown it away.... so i have no disk.

    thanks so much for your help!

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    Support is now on They have forums over there to help you.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
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      thank you. :thumbup: