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Problems recording XM, also Hibernation

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  • Problems recording XM, also Hibernation

    Posting here do to lack of response at SD forums

    I'm having a couple of issues I can't find the sollutions to. I have Streetdeck 2, upgraded to release version. Those problems are:

    1) When returning from hibernation, Streetdeck isn't open, just Desktop and any other programs I had open.

    2) XM works fine in passthrough mode, but only goes to front 2 speakers, not rear or subs. To correct this (if similar to Centrafuse) I need to turn record on in order to make it cache/play off of hard drive, which should send it through all speakers. The problem is that after I turn it on, as soon as I change anything, channels or operation, the *thinking* circle comes up and it hangs there. Record worked okay in CF and RR. I use the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage SRM.

    Other than these 2 issues SD2 is great, best interface I've seen and gesturing is a plus. Microsoft Sam is annoying, but someday I'll figure out how to add other voices.


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    Problem 1)

    Go to Settings-> General -> Shutdown Options. Where it says Default Shutdown Mode, select either Hibernate or Standby (depending on what you have your machine setup to do when the power button is pressed). It's probably set to Close Program by default. Hit the scroll down button and make sure that Shutdown Immediately when the power button is pressed is checked.

    Problem 2)

    Post a log over at SD forum. I don't have XM so I can't comment on it.



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      That makes sense. Thanks for the reply, you're probably right.