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Generic FM Radio support in SD2 ! ???

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  • Generic FM Radio support in SD2 ! ???

    Hello all,

    I am using simple, cheap and nice FM USB Radio by SiLabs. While I was under SD1 it has been supported there. As soon as I moved under SD2 I lost ability to have my SiLabs USB FM to work with StreetDeck. I know that many people will say that FM radio is not interesting while you have tons of mp3s + XM radio but still.... some times just interesting to listen what is happening in my city

    Anyway here is the question: I understand that SD2 has totally different way of handling FM radio support, and it is impossible to use FM plugins from SD1 in SD2,...... but still maybe someone willing to create a plugin for SD2 for supporting at least Radiator radios ? By doing this we might get many usb radios to work with SD2 if they are supported by Radiator.

    Thank you,
    BMW X5 Carputer Project
    Finished: 85%