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  • What happened to street deck

    I was browsing these forums last night and I came across a post that mentioned street deck. I did some research on it on the internet (youtube) and it looked pretty cool. I figured I try it out and see how it performed. I wasn't expecting much out of it mainly because my computer is very low power on its graphics and has only a 2.2GHz cpu running windows 7. I first tried centrafuse and it was very choppy on this machine and constantly locked up so I didn't expect street deck to perform much better after seeing it's fancy transitions and other features.

    I installed it and was amazed at how well it ran. All of the transitions were smooth with only a slight bit of lag. because of my computer. The gestures work so much better than centrafuse's gestures and it looks like it might be pretty easy to customize.

    I decided to do some research on the forums here and from what I can tell it hasn't really been used since like '09. What happened to it. How come pretty much nobody uses it any more. It ran so smoothly and it even had a really good eq. Is there like some major bugs with it that nobody can seem to fix or something. Maybe we should try to get a hold of the creators and try to get them to make a new one.
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    I agree!! The major programmer has vanished after taking some beatings from people that production of this product was very slow. The forum on their website ( is much more up-to-date than this one but I still go back and forth to figure out certain things. The only downside I have been able to see with this software is the lack for bluetooth phone support. I have already got everything else to work from my list (ie. HD radio, navigation, video, multi-screens, mp3, etc). The bluetooth is the last thing on my list to create and get to work to make a complete system. I do pm Daniel on their website now and then about questions, digi-mods, skins, etc and he does respond. I haven't heard from him in a few weeks or so but he is the only one I have been able to get a hold of at that site. I am working on a bluetooth phone digi-mod but no real release date so far. If you need anything you can pm me either here or at