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Installing Navigation.

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  • Installing Navigation.

    I have StreetDeck running on my Desktop.

    I installed StreetDeck first, and then MapPoint, and it complains saying It cannot load the MapPoint plugin.

    I then uninstalled StreetDeck and MapPoint, and then installed MapPoint, then StreetDeck, however it still says it cant find MapPoint.

    Also, when i click 'Navigation' on the Settings page, nothing happens.

    Is there any settings i need in MapPoint 2004 for it to work with StreetDeck?

    Here is the error log:
    INFO: CNAVController::CreateHostWindow - Creating mappoint host window.
    INFO: CNAVController::CreateHostWindow - GetCtrlSite.
    INFO: CNAVController::CreateHostWindow - PaneState.
    INFO: CNAVController::CreateHostWindow - EnableBusyDialog.
    INFO: CNAVController::CreateHostWindow - NewMap.
    WARNING: CNAVController::CreateHostWindow - NewMap - MapPoint North America can't run because it is not registered on your system, or it can't be found. Install MapPoint North America and try again.
    WARNING: CUVAppData::OnPreCreate - Could not create navigation host window!
    INFO: CNAVController::~CNAVController - Navigation components unloaded.

    I've just realised.. it says 'MapPoint North America' and i'm using 'MapPoint Europe 2004'.

    Is there some COM Component settings i can change to make it accept MapPoint Europe?

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    Could someone please check their DCOM Config, and give me the GUID of the two MapPoint applications please?


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      We currently don't support mappoint europe. This will change soon. Developer (I am Chuck)
      Get StreetDeck at
      The Official StreetDeck Forums have moved, please visit us at for official support for Streetdeck.


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        *gets lost*

        i'll email you the better version of that proggy Monday god_of_cpu


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          I think with the 2006 version we will have a lot of international support.