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  • podcast idea for streetdeck

    Here's a thought - just wondering if anyone in the development crew is thinking about something like this.

    It would be nice while stuck in traffic to be able to listen to podcasts. I consider it to be like "book on tapes" except the hi-tech version. People often use the down time while driving to focus on these educational types of content. It would be nice if some support in StreetDeck was available particularly for those of us who might be "connected" while driving (via cellphone EDGE or some other mechanism).

    If that is not in the horizon, it would be nice if anything in iTunes (including podcasts could be sync'd easily).

    Or should I just be figuring out how to sync directories w/iTunes as I do now.

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    Does SD even support (bookmarkable) AAC files?

    I had somewhat of a similar thought but instead of limiting to podcasts, I would like to sync with a iTunes playlist. You can export iTunes playlist to XML, write a parser utility to get the filenames from the playlist, and when you sync with WiFi, get the files added to the windows media player library.

    Not sure how to get files over an established connection with SD's SDK, but god_of_cpu says it's built in there.


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      iPod access and podcasts in general are all things we have heard before. Our top priority right now is getting the SDK done to allow our partners or other individuals to build whatever they need. We may still enhance alot of existing features in this version, but aside from things realated to the SDK, StreetDeck is feature complete for version 1.0 so there probably won't be any more core additions until version 2.0. We are planning on making the SDK available soon and are planning on developing a Sirius and i-Pod plugin in house once its complete.

      The first part of the SDK to be officially released will be the skin editor (In Weeks), the second will be Scripting (In Months). Both these features work right now in BETA form now, but releasing means the API will be locked and we can make certain assurances of its robustness. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        sounds good - just thoughts for the future...