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Issues while testing latest version:

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  • Issues while testing latest version:

    After using Streetdeck pretty extensively for the options/features I have access to, I must say it is a very well thought out and elegant application; however, it does not make it through the ropes completely unscathed.

    Two primary problems that are driving me nuts:
    1.) It will halt windows from shutting down when I cut ignition (Opus will start its shutdown sequence and can make it no farther)

    2.) While using Mappoint 2004, it will for some reason show me veering off by what would be 50-100ft from the road. It seems to get off kilter for whatever reason and there is no way (at least, no easy way that I can tell) to possibly flush the current NMEA data and reset itself, or to re-synchronize with the satellite(s).

    Outside of that, I have enjoyed every second of use from this application. I plan on developing a skin more for day use, since the current skin lends itself extremely well to night use, or to those lucky individuals with screens that are angled more towards the driver instead of angling up and towards the rear center of the car.

    If any of you have experienced these issues, please speak up as they are driving me quite insane.

    Thanks much and thanks to GodOfCpu and the other Streetdeck developers and individuals who have lent their various bits of knowledge to this project.
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    1. It does halt windows from shutting down and impose its own timer to allow you to select the shutdown option. It should execute the default shutdown option after the timeout. Is this not the case? Do you have a shutdown option set to hibernate in shutdown settings?

    2. What happens if you zoom out then zoom in? This will reset the GPS position in StreetDeck. If that doesn't fix the problem, its more then likely your hardware, if it does fix it, let me know. Also, what happens if you goto the navigation settings, select a different COM port, hit save go back, select the correct COM port hit save then go back to navigation. This will reset the GPS itself to the extent its possible to reset a GPS. Developer (I am Chuck)
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