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What is wrong with StreetDeck?

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  • What is wrong with StreetDeck?

    Hey all, this is the first post.

    I'm looking into getting a streetdeck unit, and I was wondering what the general dislikes about them are. They look like complete units, pretty maleible to one's needs, and they look like they pull off close to everything, close to perfect but I'm wondering what they don't do.

    On that note, I'm wondering if you all could be so kind as to post some replies telling what you dislike about the unit. The way I see it, you can read about the good stuff everywhere, but the bad stuff only comes from the product owners.

    Thanks for the shouts.

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    The GPS has no outside US support.
    StreetDeck will not play DivX / Xvid files. -- Personal problem. Resolved!!
    There is still no phone attachment, dispite being advertised on their website for some time?
    The gestures are more hassle then they are of use.


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      It's bloody expensive!
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Originally posted by konnichiwa
        The GPS has no outside US support.
        StreetDeck will not play DivX / Xvid files.
        There is still no phone attachment, dispite being advertised on their website for some time?
        The gestures are more hassle then they are of use.
        "StreetDeck will not play DivX / Xvid files." Not true, I watched something this morning in Divx.
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          Yeah considering it uses Windows Media player for all of it's audio and video needs, I would think that with loading the proper codec(s) you could watch anything in streetdeck that you could watch normally within WMP.

          Right now I'm a little unimpressed with the way DVDs work- but this could just be from my lack of sitting down and heavily playing with it. It is difficult to find how to properly exit out of DVD mode and get back to the home screen "properly." I'm not really sure how to explain it better then that.

          I, too, am disappointed in the delay in some of the features such as AM/FM & bluetooth.... but I'm willing to be patient


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            Hrm, interesting. Seems that DivX and Xvid are common sources of trouble. I suppose that would make sense though, that it is running off of WMP, so as far as codecs go, the sky is the limit. Thanks for the shouts, I appreciate it. I guess that slow loading times could just be attributed to slower hardware or poor software design.... Anywhoo, thanks again, keep the replies coming.


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              The latest update to StreetDeck now loads VERY fast.

              I am also waiting on bluetooth but would rather have a good, reliable product than a rush job...

              GPS is Microsoft Mappoint based and uses NavTeq maps - so I think if you can get it to work with Mappoint, it should work with StreetDeck.

              I don't use all the gestures but some are very handy. For example, you can just swipe your finger forwards and backwards on the screen to go "next" or "previous" on the playlist.

              What's wrong with it other than it being a new product with some as yet to be released configurations/hardware? Hmmm....

              Need more people using it, making skins etc, cause I don't have time to make them myself, but I want an amber-colored "theme" to match my car interior.

              That's all I can think of at the moment...


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                StreetDeck does do DivX / XVid. It doesn't work with all codecs though. It uses the windows media renderer 9, so some older or badly implemented codecs won't work in StreetDeck. If it works with windows media center, it will work with StreetDeck as its using the same technology.

                You should download the codec from for divx from the dependancy page:

                We will support europe by the time of the final release.

                I too want bluetooth dammit! Hardware takes time to make though.

                The problem with DVD is that the DVD specification allows you to point and click at objects in the DVD like the title screen. This means you can't have a touchscreen interface cover it up otherwise you won't be able to click the dvd items. There is a little button at the lower left though when a DVD is fullscreen. Press this button and it will show and hide the real overlay.

                An amber colored G35 skin will be released with the next release. Some more exciting things should be happening next month that should get some more skins made...Stay tuned
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                  Originally posted by konnichiwa
                  The gestures are more hassle then they are of use.

                  I see gestures as lifesaver = most of my external apps are linked via SD gestures.


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                    Originally posted by konnichiwa
                    The gestures are more hassle then they are of use.
                    The gestures work great. They're easy to use and let you do things without taking your eyes off the road.



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                      I find i'm constantly using my Bluetooth Keyboard instead of the gestering, however the Forwards / Back gestures are the ones i use the most.


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                        The gesture I most frequently use has nothing to do with StreetDeck and everything to do with my middle finger at my driver window or out my sunroof.


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                          so being current owners of streetdeck would you recomend the streetdeck trunk mount hardware bundle to newbies


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                            The biggest "problem" with StreetDeck is that it is not a custom solution.

                            On one extreme, there are those who want a working carPC solution with the least hassle and are not prepared to put in the time and pick up the skills to do a custom install from scratch. They just want something that works with minimum fuss with the technical support to fix it when it breaks.

                            Then on the other extreme, there are others who are prepared to put in weeks (months? years?) building a carPC system from basic component parts and enjoy thinkering with almost every aspect of the system until the install fits their needs perfectly.

                            Nothing wrong with either approach. And in certain cases, it may actually be cheaper to buy an off-the-shelf solution like StreetDeck than trying to build your own. (Sort of like buying an Opus/M2-ATX/DSATX than building your own DC-DC with SDC).

                            You just have to know which type of carPC owner you are and choose the appropriate approach.


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                              It can be part of a custom solution once the developer version is released...