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couple glitches in current version

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  • couple glitches in current version

    1. I select "Save Settings" for shutdown option in order to get StreetDeck to enter Standby mode. If I select "Standby" it actually goes into Hibernate mode. I disabled hibernation in Windows - perhaps that's why it's out of sync now???

    2. I set the keyboard command for voice recognition to ctrl+shift+v instead of the spacebar. I pressed "Save" in multiple places. The change works for that session. However, the next time I reboot, it is back to the spacebar. Not sure why it is not sticking. I definitely pressed "Save" at that options page. And also pressed "Save Settings to Hard Drive" at the top level menu.

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    The keyboard problem is fixed in

    I can't duplicate the shutdown problem. I have added some more logging to Developer (I am Chuck)
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      Did get released? Must have missed it...

      When I had hibernate enabled, it was working properly I thought. Anyway, it does what I want, just a FYI. I had forgotten about the logging. When you release the next update, if the bug is still there, I will post the log...