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Streetdeck GPS Adjustment?

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  • Streetdeck GPS Adjustment?

    My GPS location is off on the Streetdeck. It puts me on adjacent roads, the wrong street, etc. I owned an Eclipse head unit and there was a compensation adjustment where you moved the location icon that was actually required in order to function properly - is there a function like this one for this software?
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    Which GPS receiver are you using and where did you put it?


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      better to ask streetdeck ... also look up 'mappoint' in google to see if there's such an adjustment.

      if not software, then it's your hardware that isn't tracking you as accurate ... spend $$ for better equipment.
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        If Streetdeck is based on Mappoint, there is no such adjustment. I haven't looked at these pre-built systems, so I don't know what its all about.
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          I'm pretty sure it's your GPS receiver and not the software. If you put the receiver in a bad spot you might not be getting good reception.



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            Not the answer I wanted to here - ha!

            The gps receiver is in the front right corner of my dash - it is the Microsoft receiver that came with the Streetdeck and yes, I believe the built in module that comes with Streetdeck is Microsoft Mappoint. I have to believe that the location of the receiver is excellent because it worked nicely with my Eclipse with only a minor location adjustment... What kind of gps doesn't allow position adjustments?

            NOT AGAIN....

            And spend $$ to buy better hardware? JC - this venture with all the issues I have had has mounted up to over $3000 with multiple installs. If I keep this up, the Streetdeck will have cost me more then my car in under a year!!
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              If it works on your Eclipse, doesnt' mean it will work for your TC (assuming you have a new TC now)
              The windshield on both are are different, thus may cause bad reception.
              None of the GPS (software or hardware) allows possition adjustment. There maybe one, but I haven't seen anything like that discuss on this board.
              And yes, this is a freaking expensive/costly hobby.
              There are much much beter receiver out there than the one by MS.
              And anything have to do with StreetDeck, you are better off asking in StreetDeck forum, because most of us do not have access to StreetDeck nor willing to fork out that much cash for a "package" solution.
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                Reference to "eclipse"

                "Eclipse" being a nav head unit brand - The Eclipse "AVN-2454" was my old head unit that allowed adjustments for position. -And ya, the TC is the current car.
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                  Where was the Eclipse's GPS antenna mounted?

                  You may want to try mounting the GPS in a different location in the car.

                  Case and point: When I first got my Earthmate, I popped it below the front windshield, right on my Mustang's dashboard, and soon found I couldn't get a lock to save my life...

                  So I was forced to find an alternate location, and put the GPS in the rear window, where it worked almost perfectly until I installed metal louvers.

                  So I was yet again forced to find an alternate location for the GPS, and realized that my trunk is made of fiberglass... mounted the GPS to the bottom of the trunk lid, and bingo.. worked perfectly.. just as if it was mounted on the exterior of the car.

                  Try another location for the GPS antenna.
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                    Actually this is what the people over at MP3CAR suggested and they are sending me another unit for testing (the one in the car is buried from the install). I was just surprised not to find the adjustment - I thought that was the process for every nav system - I guess only for the head units... We will find out soon. It gets a good signal, it is just off by about 1/8th of an inch.
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