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Extra DVD player with SD bundle

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  • Extra DVD player with SD bundle


    I bought the complete G35 streetdeck bundle (CarPC with DW 7" Touch Screen). However, I just don't want to put DVDs in and out of the CarPC. So, I'm thinking of buying a DVD player that will fit in the upper glove box (Boss Audio 3800T). Will this work with the SteetDeck Software? Meaning, if I put a DVD in, will the DVD menu in SteetDeck recognize it?

    Oh yea also, how do I get sound from my CarPC to my stock speakers? Thanks.


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    StreetDeck will use the first drive with a DVD in it that it finds.

    You need the PAC AAI-NIS to hook up your speakers

    You can only use DVD drives that you can hook up to your computer, so not the Boss Audio. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      Ahh bummer. So, if I still got the Boss Audio DVD player, it will play independently then. Thanks god_of_cpu.