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brief audio "blip"/distortion when changing songs

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  • brief audio "blip"/distortion when changing songs

    I never noticed any distortion when changing songs in the playlist with earlier versions.

    Now I hear a "dzzzt" briefly now and again when I select a new song. I don't have any noise in my audio setup (well, very very little, even with the volume cranked up) and this new noise is very short but loud.

    Anyone else hear it? I usually change songs using the next and previous track commands that are tied to my steering wheel controls -> SWI-X -> USB Uirt -> Girder plugin.

    I will try other methods and see if still there...

    Oh yeah - I disabled the equalizer - no effect.

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      I will check tonight.

      I could not reproduce the problem - sorry maybe I was confabulating... will test and see if I can reliably reproduce. As I recall it was also funny because the noise "blips" would appear to be coming from the rear speakers only. Weird.

      Anyway, minor issue - perhaps imagined???