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Multi monitor support details?

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  • Multi monitor support details?

    I can't seem to find any details on the multi monitor support.
    What features are implemented now and what is on the to do list?

    I am thinking of going with two touchscreens. Just trying to picture what the functionality will be.

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    Rear screen support, at a minimum, will allow visualizations and videos with dual zone audio support. Dvd, music, pictures, nav status, and tv are also planned, but may or may not make it into the final verison due to various issues.

    I can not yet confirm or deny that rear touchscreens will be supported. Remote control is going to be the primary rear control mechanism.

    Almost all of these features are implemented, but they are not yet working as designed and it still requires alot of manual configuration just to get it setup for testing. We will release details once it becomes stable. Developer (I am Chuck)
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