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Bug report for .7 release: skin.skn set as read-only.

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  • Bug report for .7 release: skin.skn set as read-only.

    Just purchased, upgraded to .7, trying to start a new skin. When I go to Skin - Save Skin, it gives an error ("Failed to save skin! Consult program log for details!"). Attached is the log, which seems to be complaining about not being able to write to the output file, skin.skn.

    Looking at skin.skn, it's read-only attribute is set. I uncheck 'read only' via explorer and can now save the skin at will. Attribute on file is not reset after closing and re-opening dev. environment.

    Any skin i create from here on is fine. If I delete all new skins and restart program so it prompts me again to create a new skin since you can't edit the default one, the problem resurfaces.

    So I'm guessing the bug is: after copying default skin as the first new skin, read-only flag is not removed from skin.skn, but should be.

    'Hope it helps,