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Completely Impractical Features (Video Blog)

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  • Completely Impractical Features (Video Blog)

    A little something in the works for a future release that will update the StreetDeck remote control interface. Developer (I am Chuck)
    Get StreetDeck at
    The Official StreetDeck Forums have moved, please visit us at for official support for Streetdeck.

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    Now that is cool.....
    Might give me a reason to upgrade to
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Hah that looks great, hope it can run on my limited epia m10000 hardware. BTW i'm absolutely obsessed with street deck, I think that every single person trying this carputer thing should be REQUIRED to try streetdeck. I've tried them all and I'm not some computer newbie, and they are all impossible and lack features until I found streetdeck. Anyone reading this who hasn't tried street deck needs to get it asap. Everything from music playing, to xm radio works flawlessly for me. I had so many issues with road runner, media engine, and frodoplayer that I had to find a solution that works. Sorry that this sounds like an advertisement but I am so excited about this software and I don't want development to ever end.