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  • Streetdeck project in the worklog section...

    I have just started a project log in the worklog section that will be featuring the Streetdeck software as it's solution for a front end on a Mac Mini. Feel free to check it out. I will posting the entire worklog in the next week or so as all the parts I need finally come in. But this past weekend I made a huge start on the project and will update even more later today.

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    Any particular reason for using a mac mini


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      Because it fits in a single DIN.


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        why not get an aopen minipc since you are going to be running windows.


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          Because if you configure an Aopen PC the same way, it actually costs more... Even on MP3car store it is $749ish (that's WITHOUT an OS - $907 with) configured close to the MacMini. Not to mention it gave me:

          a registerable copy of Mac OS/X
          DVD burner (although available on AOpen)
          more slots to add RAM
          higher RAM configuration (2GB MacMini / 1GB Aopen)
          smaller form factor volume wise
          warranty support on the parts as well
          quieter blower fan
          no blue power button LED to cut out
          better Audio codec with digital audio support
          will actually decode HD on the fly at highest frame rates (although possible on AOpen)
          faster integrated video card
          two more USB ports (huge reason there alone)
          restore discs to start all over again
          remote control
          integrated Bluetooth for GPS sensor and phone headset
          integrated wireless card (although an add-in on the AOpen)
          works flawlessy with P1900 and available cheap cable wire harness
          the ability to say I made a mac work with windows in my car
          higher resale value when I get rid of it
          ability to run both OS's (although you can hack OS/X into an AOpen of course, but why would you)

          The list continues, but truely for the size and cost... I considered it a no brainer. The list on why not to get it is much shorter...


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            Updated worklog...