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    I think you have made a great software suite however at $200 I don't think that it fits many budgets. For all the people who already have navigation software this product seems to be too expensive. I think that if you were to make a stripped down version that did not include built in navigation software but instead had plug-in to interact with other popular guidance software. Perhaps selling this version for only 40 or 50 dollars I think that more people will be willing to make the jump from RR or CF to this. Any one else thinking the same type of thing?


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    My opinion is that if you can afford to go the entire route of having a computer in your car then the upgrade to having the software is not that bad. Especially considering you have the maps for the integrated GPS.

    From my experience you try to do things on the cheap, you will be disappointed.


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      Tux, in the beginning I would have agreed with you 100% but I took the plunge anyways and bought the software (got lucky, pre-release pricing) and it is worth every penny, even at the current price.

      The reason I say this is because you are getting one of the latest navigation software packages on the market, that's worth $100 or more in itself. I personally only use XM, MP3 and Nav but the software also has support for pretty much anything else we see flying around this board and every aspect of it is integrated, out of the box! Can you say that for anything floating around here? for the most part, no.

      I'll give credit where credit is due, there are some great programmers on this board who have made some terrific interfaces and I've donated to some of them myself, they deserve the recognition but all of them require some kind of configuration or tweaking to make them integrate with the rest of your software and even then you may not be fully satisfied and find that you're always tweaking. Once again, SD just works out of the box and is fully integrated.

      Did I mention integration? I've been using SD for about a month now with only having the full version for about a week but the way I can fly between features is remarkable. Every day I learn a new gesture or glint that even makes it easier. The interface is super fluent and very nice looking and if you don't like it they even provide a developer's interface for modding.

      Support, post a question here and see how long it takes for a definiteive answer, keyword being definitive. GOC jumps on your questions immediately and when someone posts a bug, he's on it. Find that kind of support for any product.

      Lastly, go read the Bio's on the streetdeck website. This is not a hobby for these guys and there are some impressive individuals involved with this product. Every software company started somewhere and became the standard in their field at a point, SD will become a standard.

      My 2 cents, keep the change!


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        msreyes: I am still in college and all i have is on the cheap although I know where you are coming from, my father has some gps software and the total cost of my incar system was 140: 40 to buy a new vid card for a laptop that was broken, and 100 for a tm-868 touchscreen.

        Troy: As far as the integration goes I realize that it is a great system but I just can't justify spending 200 to play mp3's and launch an external app for gps. Its a great interface and I like it alot but I feel like it is worth about $50 with out the navigation software and perhaps some support for iGMon



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          I have to agree with Troy here. Not everyone *can* afford $200...that is the way the cookie crumbles. Simply stating that the price should be lower because that is all you can afford is not the way that the market works. Quality does cost and you should be happy to pay some amount for it. Whether $200 is the right price point will be determined as this market matures. What WILL drive the price down is competition and SD has a bit of a lead on theirs, however, it is still early days and SD still has a few quirks and perfromance issues to wrinkle out (as does any 1.x revision...). What will allow SD to progress is some level of funding to support answering questions and resolving issues + adding features.

          There are plenty of 'free' front ends out there if you want cheap.

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            slojam: I'm not saying the current package should be cheaper I simply think that offering a version with out the navigation element would allow users who have already dropped big bucks on navigation stuff to get in on the fun. I think 200 is a decent price for navigation and front end, i think the introductory 150 was better and i think that 50 is fair for no navigation included.


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              I think part of the appeal of streetdeck is the level of integration. With most frontends, to get GPS software integrated close to fully, you have to do quite a lot of setup, skinning work, etc... and it seems that out of the various GPS software titles out there, none are really ideal for this kind of integration...

              plus, doesn't streetdeck use the GPS information for other purposes, like safety lockout of certain features when the car is moving, etc? I am sure there are some legal liability reasons for doing that (since they're selling the software), and if they allowed you to put in your GPS software of choice there's no way they could guarantee those lockouts would be in place.

              My opinion is in agreement with others, if you want the flexibility to use whatever software you want with a frontend, look to the free ones that can do that. Personally, I have not yet justified spending $200 for a frontend package yet, because I would like to get the hardware side of my install more fully integrated before I do that... Once I get my system looking like it really "belongs" in the car, then I'll look toward streetdeck which also seems to really "belong" in the car. As with many other people, I've spent hundreds of bucks on my install already, and good software is a critical part of making the system as useful as possible, so I think the cost is justified once you reach a point where you really want a professional frontend.
              But don't take it from me! here's a quote from a real, live newbie:
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              I am learning buttloads just by searching on this forum. I've learned 2 big things so far: 1-it's been done before, and 2-if it hasn't, there is a way to do it.