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USB Radio Crash!!

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  • USB Radio Crash!!

    Have the D-Link USB Radio

    Have Streetdeck to use the "FM Radio Mouse Plugin".

    Every time I go to use the radio, Streetdeck crashes.

    Anyone have this problem, or a work around?

    (error report submitted as well to SD)

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    I have a question for those at Streetdeck... why are questions about the problems with FM Radio never answered? Even if there are no "answers" at the present time about it that would be good to know at least.

    I know in my particular case Radiator likes my FM Radio... Streetdeck does not.


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      They were answered long ago. The Infill T3 is the currently the only tested and supported radio. This will change in the future. The radiator format dlls currently have issues. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        Thank you. I appreciate the response

        Next question for everyone.... the Infill T3, does anybody know which FM radio they have in it?