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Multimonitor issue

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  • Multimonitor issue

    Weird function in streetdeck. Ok if i have my main screen in the front for gps and other stuff and when I enable multimonitor the people in the back has control of streekdeck and i get to see visualization on the front. I want to have visualization in the back while I can use my GPS in the front. Not change it around and have my rear monitor be the control.

    Its just a weird function. I can switch my monitor setting around but isn't that more complicated.

    to have my explorer.exe in the back and streekdeck in the front.

    but if i turn off streetdeck then my front screen is just blank and the back has windows.

    I am just confuse on the function of streetdeck and to why rear monitor has to take control of streetdeck.

    Another question
    what framerate can i run streetdeck on a mII12000 with no issue. I am currently running at 15fps haven't tried any higher. But if you could fix the multmonitor issue it would be great.

    I just want mulitmonitor to be enable and the visualization will just go to the back.

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    Why is my question being ignore this is a big thing for me.


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      At this point in time you have to setup your front monitor to be your secondary monitor in windows. This is so you can run explorer in the back while streetdeck is active up front. You also have to set your touchscreen up to be used on the secondary monitor. This will probably change in a future version. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        I know that but its a pain