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  • SD Developer Issue

    I have downloaded StreetDeck (according to help in the SD Developer). I am trying to explore how to skin this thing before I send $'s for what at first glance looks to be a fantastic product.

    The first problem with SD Developer is that I don't see the embedded screen in the tool. It shows a simple grey background with cogs. No start screen ,etc. I notice the video blogs show examples where the information shows up embedded and you can drag things around.

    The second problem is that I notice that the properties are all messed up. I can navigate to SystemModule/CStartModule/MyVideos and the caption property says DigitalMods. Similarly, other property associates for other elements are messed up.

    Third, I can crash the SD Developer fairly regularly and the "Send Error Report" screen will fail to send an error report.

    Do I have something fundamentally wrong?

    I did try an unistall and reinstall. I fear deleting the stuff in My Documents because I want the program to be able to start again without thinking I am trying to rip it off.

    This does bring up the question of how people develop with this platform. I assume you don't sit behind the wheel to create a new skin. You use another computer. Exactly how much will I have the handcuffs on me developing on one machine and deploying on another? What is standard operating procedure to export changes to the car computer?

    How about bench testing? I hate to rip my dash apart and extract all the goods and bench test. I want to duplicate my entire system on a bench. Do I need two licences?
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