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My Streetdeck Died!!! Help...

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  • My Streetdeck Died!!! Help...

    My Streetdeck has just seemed to have gone south.... When the home page is loaded, everything responds very slowly.. If I press Music, and select the last playlist I get the Windows hourglass to display and Streetdeck no longer responds.... I've tried removing and reinstalling Streetdeck from the original DVD.. to no avail... the software does the same thing after reinstall... what to do next??? Help.. anyone please.... Rob

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    Software doesn't go "south" for no reason. Did you install something on this box? What changes were made? Does everything else behave properly?

    Could it be perhaps your disk? Even though you were able to re-install SD just fine I would still run the hard disk utility from your HD's manufacturer to be safe.



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      This all started when my Earthmate GPS got a fix and then would track for maybe a mile or so.... GPS and Navigation basically locked up.... last night I finally got it to track all the way home from work... maybe 20 miles or so... Today. however the same story as yesterday...

      1... GPS gets fix then locks up both tracking and navigation

      New problem now occurs where before it didn't exist....

      2... Music now doesn't play and when music is selected to play from Music menu the Windows Hourglass Icon shows up and I lose control of Streetdeck....

      The interesting thing is how com when I supposedly do a "Remove" program with the original DVD and then "Install", the Streetdeck behaves the same way... in fact all the "Settings" remain as though the program was never uninstalled????? Should I use the Control Panel to do a Uninstall instead.... By the way Windows XP behaves normally.... Any other help will most definitely be appreciated.... Thanks .... Rob


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        The uninstall doesn't uninstall anything that wasn't installed with the original installation. This includes all settings files that are created the first time you saved as well as any skins or other things you added. To delete these, delete the my documents/StreetDeck and program files/StreetDeck directory after uninstalling.

        Have you updated to the latest version after installing the DVD so you are running

        Also do you get this issue if you don't hook up your GPS?

        You might also want to try a Windows XP system restore to restore your computer to a time before you were having problems.

        What is the processor usage of StreetDeck... is streetdeck running at 100% or is it some other program?

        Does the problem go away if you run with -nonav, -nodelayload, or -nodelaycomp? Developer (I am Chuck)
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          Have you updated to the latest version after installing the DVD so you are running

          I'm currently running, however I've found that after copying new mp3s from my thumb drive.... something I guess Media Player didnt't like was causing my so called crash of Streetdeck... It was hiding in the background!!! and then after attempting to reveal the task manager to see System Resources, it revealed itself!!

          I however have a definite "newbie" question.... How do I run and/or access Streetdeck to edit -nonav, -nodelayload, or -nodelaycomp????? LOST! I hope to hook up my new BU-353 GPS, fresh from tomorrow, actually later today... Streetdeck is using maybe 22% of system resources... is this OK???? Thanks.. Rob


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            Edit the shortcut, like in the attached image.
            The command line aparemeters go at the end of Target line after the filename.
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            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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