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I <3 Streetdeck. but a few questions.......

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  • I <3 Streetdeck. but a few questions.......

    Streetdeck is the final solution!

    For you developer types..

    1. How do I properly set SD to be my shell? Does it behave reasonably well this way? Will mappoint still fire up, along w/ things like the virtual com port emulation for my usb earthmate gps?

    2. If not shelled, can it's shutdown / hibernate routine include a forced end-task on all running processes?

    3. How do I disable the "feature disabled while car is in motion" feature? Aside from unplugging my gps unit? I understand the safety concerns, etc etc.. but what if this is running on a rear-seat monitor? or for passenger's to play with? Pretty please?
    Thank You /////ALPINE
    7" Lilli. GPSlim236. Streetdeck. Mappoint. M9000. M2ATX, XMDirect

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    1, from what I've heard works quite well.

    2, I know roadrunner does that, and Im also quite sure streetdeck does also (not sure dont take my word for it)

    3, -testmode will fix that.