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  • Request for GPS

    Can you you add a feature on the streetdeck software that I can click on it and save GPS location as a Favorite. Right now I have to use Lat/Long to input it in.

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    You can already do this. Just create a route and in the route type screen, you can choose add to favorites. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      Thanks for the reply i know that now but also the auto reroute function is also kind of slow. is there anyway to load streekdeck faster on a mII12000 motherboard. Now its is taking me like 20 sec to load of streetdeck with -nodelayload. and running at 15 fps. I can boost that up but will that slow down my system.


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        I don't think the FPS has anything to do with the rerouting function whatsoever. The reroute is calculating the better route based on where you're at and directioon of travel. This is more to do with the CPU's processing power.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          I also have an MII12000, 15-20fps is about the max your able to get using the stock equipment.. I am hunting for an pci video card that might fit well into the case, as the stock video is ok, but not great.. Once you have used SD @ 60-100fps, you will never go back.. :>

          Also, my load time is about same, let me know if you have any luck making it faster.. On my p4 system, its like 3 seconds and it's at the UI..


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            I didn't say the fps has anything to do with the reroute function. I was just wondering if he can make it pick up rerouting faster. when i use Iguidance it is like instance reroute takes about 2 sec yeah but streetdeck takes a bit longer like about 5.
            Well as for the pci card i am out of luck i am using an ampie case and it can't fit anything in it. so i guess 20 fps is the best it can do. Gosh that sucks for me