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Problems with Euro beta

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  • Problems with Euro beta

    Sorry for starting a new thread, but I thought if everyone posts their problems under the 'testers needed' thread it'll get too big and confusing for poor old Chuck!

    I need to confirm a few things before I think I'm going mad.

    Mappoint 2004 Europe is working fine using my bluetooth GPS - a lock is picked up within 15 seconds. I had previously installed and uninstalled S&T 2006 USA.

    Due to problems with the timebombing, I cannot use the normal demo of SD, I have to use the developer edition. My GPS is set up correctly, but I only ever see a black world with my little arrow underneath the words 'DEMO mode' - so I either never get a lock, or SD isn't reading my maps correctly. I *think* that SD just isn't reading my maps correctly because of issues other people have logged - hence why the new navigation-only exe was released yesterday. Is there any way to tell if SD is seeing satellites?

    I can't try the new exe, because it is a navigation-only build and doesn't seem to contain the dev edition. As said before, I need to use the dev edition because for some reason the timebomb won't let me use the FULL version!

    ARGH!!!!! I've spent enough hours on this now (but not as many as Chuck!).


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    Ignore me - I'm being thick. I re-read others' posts and compared them to my logs. I've got two problems, similar to everyone else:

    1. The timebomb has locked me out when it shouldn't have so I can't use the normal SD
    2. I'm getting the same 'cannot load North America maps' error that other people are getting in dev mode.

    I can't use the new exe because normal mode isn't working.

    I guess I'll have to wait for either a) a working timebomb or b) the new exe which will let me use dev mode.