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    I was just wondering if Chuck or anyone else working on SD, or anyone else interested for that matter, could comment on this topic.

    Is there any plans in the roadmap of SD to implement a vector graphic rendering engine for navigation? I thought I read somewhere that you strictly use MapPoint for navigation information and you have your own rendering engine in D3D/DirectX.

    Or maybe even some kind of plans to the SDK where a developer could plug his/her own rendering engine in SD?

    The reason I ask is that I got the new preview for the G35 (probably you got this too Chuck if you got your G35 from an Infiniti dealer; they're good about sending you information to make you want the latest and greatest). In the preview they show a screen shot (attached) of a really slick navigation graphic engine.

    Thanks, and look forward to everyone's comments.
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    that is one bad navigation screen


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      We have lots of plans for StreetDeck, unfortunatly I can't talk about most of them, but whenever I can a news item will be posted.

      I can say that mappoint is the only primary navigation data provider we will use for this version though. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        That Is One Nice Nav Screen
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