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Pagefile size vs performance and SD

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  • Pagefile size vs performance and SD

    I have searched for information regarding the size a pagefile should be for incar use. I have a full winxp install as i dont feel the nlite etc route leads to as stable a machine.

    In posts about nlite minlogon people are having really small pagefiles, but i was wondering what sort of size people thin i should run?

    My machine is a 512mb intel 1.6 and i use hibernate and standby. I am not worried about overall install size more performance. Im using the beta of streetdeck and have configured msconig [386] conservativepagefileusage=1

    Any advice be welcome as the current settings are for a 700mb + page file.

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    I make my page file twice the size of physical RAM and I set the minimimum and maximum sizes the same, sot eh page file is a static size. This will prevent Windoze from having to resize the paging file every so often.
    The pagefile size is going to have less of an impact on performance than reducing the services and programs Windoze laods at startup. The less physical RAM that's used means less need to write to the paging file which means better overall performance.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I have stopped pretty much every service i can following the guides in the FAQ (very useful!), but am still looking at around 25 sec resume post hibernate and the system doesnt have anything apart from windows xp on it! The bios is set as per the faq (ie not auto detects max ram to the system not graphics card..) and just wondered if the pagefile was an issue. Having got the stopwatch out it doesnt seem to make a difference if you have no pagefile or a 1gb one to the resume time