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is hqct compatable with SD

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  • is hqct compatable with SD

    hey i was looking into buying the SD software and i just had that simple question. thanks!

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    i don't think so


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      is there plans in the works to make it compatable? if not, what are you using to drive the fm tuner, and how good is it? thanks in advance


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        At this point, we probably won't build in compatibility for the HQCT because of its limited availability and lack of support. As soon as we are able to make it an easy to install and complete product we will take the time to build in support for it. Currently the HQCT requires a significant amount of work to install since it requires you to make your own connectors for it. Right now, the Infill T3 is the only well supported radio hardware, but in any case we are actively working on sourcing a complete AM/FM radio solution and should have support for at least one vehicle compatible USB based radio before the year's end. Developer (I am Chuck)
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