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POSSIBLE BUG: Mute status on resume from standby

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  • POSSIBLE BUG: Mute status on resume from standby

    Hey folks,

    I have a MB896 board using a SB Extigy for sound. Everytime I resume from standby the master volume and microphone playback volume becomes unmuted even though it was muted before going into standby.

    Can anyone confirm that this occurs for them?

    Chuck, does StreetDeck try to ensure that these lines are not muted on restarting?

    If anyone knows of a command line utility to mute the mic playback line, I'd love to set StreetDeck up to force it to mute on resume.

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    StreetDeck doesn't change the mute status on resume. If your sound is becoming unmuted, its probably the extigy drivers doing it. See if it still occurs with just your onboard sound card. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      You were right - thanks.

      It appears that when the Extigy loses power and then regains power, it sets the mute to OFF for both the mic and the main volume playback lines. I have Girder set to toggle mute on startup for the mic.

      That doesn't help on resume from standby though. I suppose I can set up a command line parameter for Girder from the ResumeWait folder to toggle the mute line for the mic, but I don't really know how to keep StreetDeck in sync in terms of the main volume mute.

      Can I setup a command in the ResumeWait folder to somehow force StreetDeck to unmute mode (since that is what the Extigy state will be)? Maybe like a "sendkeys" program?

      By the way, thanks for the ResumeWait folder - it has solved many of the usb issues I was having previously. On that topic, I don't think ExitWait actually waits when doing a standby (but I have managed to do without that working right). ExitWait folder does appear to work when just closing the program though.