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Will there be a "G35 edition" of StreetDeck?

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  • Will there be a "G35 edition" of StreetDeck?

    I just bought a 05 G35 Sedan and I'm very interested in the StreetDeck "G35 Edition" infotainment system that is mentioned on Digitalwheelz web site. Will there be a "G35 Edition" and if so when?

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    There's a G35 skin already.

    All you need is the custom screen mount to go along with any PC, that skin, and you're all G35'd out.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      The G35 edition came out for about a week then was discontinued because it was too many parts for us to stock. You can still buy the screen and the spare tire case from the mp3car store which are the only custom parts you need, but you'll have to put everything else (wiring etc.) together yourself. Developer (I am Chuck)
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        Thanks Guys! I wish I could have got one of the package deals. I was really hoping to not have to build the PC, wiring, and software install myself. It would have be nice to have a complete package. Screen and PC with software already setup and ready to go, but I guess I'll be doing it myself.
        Thanks for the info.


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          Its good experience... .You will enjoy it.
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