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Streetdeck Nav System Setup

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  • Streetdeck Nav System Setup

    Ok, so this is probably the newbest question on this forum but I'm new to all this so a yes or no answer would be well appreciated! Thanks!

    For frontends that incorporate a nav system (like streetdeck), is a constant broadband wireless connection required? Or does it nav based on geographic info that is stored in the computer? I've read about programs to buy such as Streets and Trips by M$ and iguidance or mapmonkey but I don't know how they work in conjunction (if they do at all) with frontends. Thanks.

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    No, you don't need any internet connection for the navigation. With StreetDeck, specifically, the map data is included on the installation DVD. The top-end version of Centrafuse (when released) will include map data, as well.

    Other frontends dont' include map data, and forum members have tken great lengths to integrate them into the front ends, with varying levels of success.

    I'd check out the subforums for Roadrunner, FrodoPlayer, Centrafuse, Freeway, etc. to see the options you have for navigation.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      i say dont waste your time and just get streetdeck. the other frontends are awesome but i ran into countless issues trying to get all the programs to work as one seemless unit. just go with SD and save your headaches for something else.

      But this is just my opinion
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