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  • StreetDeck BETA release is deprecated. should be downloaded from here Developer (I am Chuck)
    Get StreetDeck at
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    I like the "find places takes into consideration your current location" but I didnt install from the dvd, and dont even have a dvd since I bought the trunk kit. Is there anyway to enable this function without the dvd?
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      i cant even get streetdeck to load


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        hmmm. same goes through loading screens and then the first thing i see is the error reporting dialog box.


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          same with me, streetdeck doesn't even load after this new update


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            ran with -verbose. log attached.

            the last 4 lines:

            INFO: Creating CLaunchCastFilterStationsModule.
            ######## EXCEPTION: 0xC0000005 at address: 0x00478452: ACCESS VIOLATION read attempt to address 0x0000009C
            1: 09/30/06 09:33:16

            1: StackWalk(): GetLastError = 487


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              Streetdeck doesn't load after this new update !


              CTextureBag::GetBitmap - A required skin image (PLAYSTATUS.DEFAULT.PLAY.PNG) was not found in the skin directory (c:\document and Setting\admin\application data\StreetDeck\IU\Skins\Default)!
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                Reset the skin to default, thats how i got mine to run


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                  i reset skin to default, then it complains about button.key.nofocus.png not being in the default skin directory. when i check that directory, that file IS there. SD quits, and when launching again, i just get the error reporting dialog box again.
                  i installed the yahoo music engine just in case there was some weird dependency there..rebooted, same thing. i'm now going to uninstall SD, reboot, and reinstall with 5.5 to see if it makes a difference.


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                    same result.


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                      Well, none of the skins work, but that's ok... I love the new look for the default skin! The yahoo plugin is cool too -

                      Most significant update yet and can't wait to get my internet phone and blast XM...

                      On another note, can you adjust sound quality if you have purchased the yahoo music subscription? I purchased one a while back for work and I know it enables you to not only skip commercials, but stream music in high quality?
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                        For everyone that has problem after update. You must reset the skin to default then do the update. After that you other skin will work.


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                          Small Bug

                          My original username for Yahoo had an underscore "first_last" but the SD interface will not allow an underscore.

                          I just created a new account to bypass issue but I thought you should know.
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                            I downloaded the update to a thumb drive and took it out to the car to run the update and I get this error:

                            "This update is not needed. the version of the update () is older then the currently installed StreetDeck Version (

                            The Update will not be installed."
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                              I am having the same button.key.nofocus.png problem. Tried to rest to default skin (I was orginaly running the default one) and still the same problem. HELP! I really don't want to uninstall and reinstall.
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